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computer hardwareComputer Concepts started out building and repairing computers back in the day.  We have the expertise to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot problems with your computer, and will make recommendations for repair or replacement of components, or entire computers, based on the age and function of your computer.  We maintain a stock of new and used parts, so that we can get your systems back up and running as quickly as possible.  If we don’t have a particular item in stock, we can normally have an item shipped to us within two to three days.

There are occasions where we will recommend a replacement computer, rather than repairing or rebuilding an older machine.  In our opinion, the useful life of most computers in a business environment is no more than four years.  When a computer reaches four years old, it will normally be out of warranty, and some replacement parts may be difficult to locate.  We recommend that our customers replace mission critical and high production machines when they reach three years old, and move those machines to less critical functions, allowing the oldest machines in the organization to be retired. 

Following this recommendation has the added benefit of allowing customers to budget a good portion of their company’s IT expenditures, and minimizes their exposure to unanticipated expenses due to hardware failures and lost employee production.

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Founded in 2000, Computer Concepts is a computer, networking, & managed service company located in Lafayette, LA.

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