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Let's face it. The amount of electronic data that your business generates each year is probably staggering.   Have you identified that data, and where it resides?   Do you have a backup strategy for your company data? Have you tested your disaster recovery plan recently?   Do you know what an hour of downtime costs your company?   It's not a matter of "if" you're going to have a disaster some day; it's a matter of "when", "what type", and "how long" before your systems are back up and running. 

If you're in need of a backup solution for your business, Computer Concepts has the answer.  Computer Concepts can help you identify, consolidate, and secure your data, no matter where it is.   Our backup and disaster recovery plans offer best of class on premises and cloud backup strategies using industry leading Storage Craft products.   When disaster strikes, you can rest assured that the staff of Computer Concepts will have you back up and running with minimal down time. 

  • Hourly backups during working hours 
  • Consolidated daily backups replicated to cloud storage 
  • Daily & weekly backup reporting 
  • Boot from backups in case of disaster (may need additional hardware) 
  • All data is encrypted at rest, and in transit 

For more information about our backup services, or toget service, please call our office at 337-234-6610 or contact us.

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