Computer Concepts is an authorized reseller of Lenovo, HP, and Dell business class computers.  Unlike big box retail stores, we carefully analyze each customer's needs, and recommend specific hardware to fill those needs.  We do maintain a limited stock of select computers for those customers who need a business class machine and don't want to wait several days to receive it.

Desktop & Laptop Computers

Our first choice for general purpose business desktop systems and laptops are the Lenovo M and ThinkPad series.  While Lenovo may not be a household name to most of you, IBM probably is.  In 2005, IBM sold its PC line to Lenovo, while maintaining an approximate 19% equity stake in Lenovo.  Our experience with Lenovo has been very positive, with only one or two hiccups over the past several years.  Warranty support is still provided by IBM, which in our opinion, is the standard by which all others are judged.


For high end workstations used for CAD/CAM or any other graphics intensive applications, we like the HP z series workstations.  The z series workstations bridge the gap between a high end desktop unit and a low end server, and are typically outfitted with graphics cards with loads of dedicated memory, Intel Xeon processors, and enterprise class hard drives.  These machines are designed for the long haul, and are built to simply amaze the end user.


When it comes to servers, we typically recommend the HP Proliant series.  HP servers are true work horses that will get the job done, day in and day out.  Because of the shear number of options that HP offers in their server line up, it is really easy to customize a solution for our customers that fits their budget and still provides a reasonable level of protection through the use of redundant technologies, such as RAID.


For many years, Dell was our machine of choice.  Most of our customers were very familiar with Dell, and therefore, were very comfortable with them.  Unfortunately, like any product, there came a point where we had some issues, and the support that we received was not what we had grown accustomed to.  Dell outsourced much of their support to foreign countries, and we found ourselves spending excessive amounts of time performing basic hardware troubleshooting with Dell 'technicians', for issues that would normally have only taken 10 to 15 minutes to set up an onsite service call for.  Eventually, we made the decision to work with other manufacturers, and only purchase Dell products if a customer specifically requests their machines.