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E-mail is certainly one of the most critical elements of running any business these days.  Dealing with spam is more than just an aggravation.  It's a huge waste of time, which in turn, is a huge loss of productivity.  At Computer Concepts, we recognize this problem and we work hard to minimize the amount of spam that makes its way to our customers' inboxes.  On any given day, our spam filters process tens of thousands of e-mails for our customers.  Of those e-mails, approximately 85% are flagged as definite spam.  The remaining 15% are delivered to customer mailboxes.  Does spam still make it through our filters?  Of course it does.  Is valid e-mail flagged as spam?  On rare occasions, but yes, it does happen.  There is no solution that will offer a 100% accuracy rate for spam prevention, but can you imagine dealing with all of those other messages on a daily basis?  Think about that.  For every 15 messages that you get now, you could be dealing with another 85 known spam e-mails in your mailbox.  That is a very serious problem.

For recent statistics from our e-mail scanners, check out the following links.  The reports are technical in nature, and may not mean a lot to you.  Eventually, we'd like to have a more summarized version of this information available to our clients, but for now, this is what we have.

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